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    Manufacturer And Supplier Bolts  Nuts Fasteners
  • INT Bolts / Intenfa Group

  • INT Bolts / Intenfa Group

  • INT Bolts / Intenfa Group

    Steel Structures
  • INT Bolts / Intenfa Group

    Highway Guardrails
  • INT Bolts / Intenfa Group

    Petrochemical, Gas Plants and Piping Lines
  • INT Bolts / Intenfa Group

  • INT Bolts / Intenfa Group

    Solar Energy

- About Us

INT Bolts is brand of Intenfa Group Co. INT Bolts is producer and supplier Hot Dip Galvanized ( HDG ), Zinc Plated, Geomet, Black Oxide, Plain EN 15048 SB Bolts Nuts Washers, EN 14399 bolts nuts washers, standard hex bolts nuts , screws, threaded rods, anchor bolts, washers and  fasteners. We have clients in Turkey and abroad. INT Bolts have quality certificates. INT Bolts have DIN and ISO standards. We are growing bolts nuts screws and fasteners trade with each passing day our experts with knowledge in international trade. INT Bolts has international entity in production, supply and marketing. INT Bolts plan to work more for our vision and mission we want to achieve our goals. INT Bolts manufactures bolts nuts threaded rods and  fasteners for power transmission lines and distribution poles,electric plants, polygonal poles, GSM poles, lighting poles, Wind turbine towers,solar energy, Road Safety Barriers, Highway Guardrail ,Railway, Petrochemical Plants, Gas Plants , Piping Lines, Construction, Automotive. Bolts, Hex Head Bolts, nuts, Hex Head Nuts, screws, flat and spring washers, anchors, threaded rods, U-bolts, hooks and eye-bolts are offered with hot dip galvanized (HDG), Zinc plated, electro galvanizing or plain finish options. The products can also be shipped assembled per customer request.

Main Products Produced;

Bolts and Screws: EN 15048 SB CE, EN 14399, DIN 931, DIN 933, DIN 7990, DIN 6914, ISO 4014, ISO 4016, ISO 4017, DIN 912, DIN 7991, DIN 603, DIN 607, DIN 960, DIN 961, DIN 571

Nuts: DIN 934, DIN 555, ISO 4032, ISO 4034, DIN 6915, DIN 935, DIN 936

Threaded Rods: DIN 975, DIN 976

Washers: DIN 125, DIN 126, DIN 127, ISO 7089, ISO 7090, ISO 7091, ISO 7349 and all flat ,plain type washers 

  • Bolts
  • Nuts
  • Threaded Rods
  • Anchors

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